Miniature Sherlock Holmes 221B Sitting Room,
by Nancy Garcés-Saroli

Nancy Garcés-Saroli is proud to present her miniature 221B sitting room,
modelled after the full-size reconstruction at the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Lucens.
It took her over four years to collect and create all the components of this room.
You can see the room in higher resolution by clicking here. And Full Resolution here.
And you can see another photo of the miniature 221B room by clicking here.



To the left is the (large) 221B Room in the Museum in Lucens and to the right is Nancy Garcés-Saroli's Miniature Room
(the photos have been color corrected, more photos of the rooms can be found below, please scroll down to see them)

Above is Nancy Garcés-Saroli's Miniature 221B Sitting Room
Below are images of the 221B Room at the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Lucens

And also in Lucens